Young people have the power this election.

Politicians need to check themselves
Let them know.


Our voting system isn’t designed for the 21st century. is the creation of Future Majority, a non-partisan organization led by young Canadians. Everything you see here is designed and built by young people, for young people. We gotchu. If you think 🍆 is only a vegetable, this website isn’t for you. gives you all the tools you need to vote, so that we as young Canadians can decide our own future—not boomers. This election, we are the majority.

Why Vote

For the first time, Gen Zs and Millennials are the largest voting bloc. In almost every riding, a small increase in the number of young people voting will mean that parties can no longer win without listening to us. To see more, enter your postal code below.

Enter your postal code to see the power of young voters in your riding.:

Young lady ready to add her vote to a ballot.

of youth are eligible to vote in this riding.

    *We estimate that only young people voted in this riding in 2015.
    *The information in this graph is provided solely by way of illustration of possible outcomes. It is based on projections prepared by CalculatedPolitics, a non-partisan service.
    It is updated every few days.

    Now you know why to vote. Next, we’ll show you which party is right for you.

    For more information on Why Vote, view our Methods. Polling predictions are provided by Calculated Politics

    We have power—let all the parties in your riding know that you’re voting. Fill out the form below and we’ll tell them!

    Who to Vote For

    Sick of being told whom you should vote for by boomers, your parents or politicians? Make your own decision. Fill out our quiz on which policies you feel will best address the issues that matter to you.

    • What are your top 3 issues this election?

    • Are you a Gen Z or Millennial (18-38)?

    • Climate Change

    • Below are the parties' stances. Pick yours.

      Climate Change

    • Healthcare

    • Below are the parties' stances. Pick yours.


    • Cost of Living

    • Below are the parties' stances. Pick yours.

      Cost of Living

    • Electoral reform

    • Below are the parties' stances. Pick yours.

      Electoral reform

    • Immigration and Refugees

    • Below are the parties' stances. Pick yours.

      Immigration and Refugees

    • Indigenous Rights

    • Below are the parties' stances. Pick yours.

      Indigenous Rights

    • Mental Health Resources

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      Mental Health Resources

    • LGBTQ2+

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    • Your stance on

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    • Your stance on

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    • Give us your Email and Phone Number and we will email you the party platforms on the issues you care about and text you a way to invite your friends to participate.

    • Thank you

    All policies have been sourced directly from each party’s platform, budget, or direct quotes from leaders and reviewed by a committee of young people with policy expertise (and a few profs, they probably know something?).

    How to Vote

    Voting is really simple. If you are a student, you can vote in either your home or school riding. Where will it have more impact? We promise—there’ll be no complicated Venn diagrams or acrostic poems to memorize. Here’s our interactive How-To:

        voting population in riding

        • Enter home address or postal code

          1. Are you a student?

          2. Enter your address or postal code at school.

            1. Which riding do you want to vote in?



                1. You need:

                  image of a smartphone

                  An e-statement, bank statement or lease with your address,

                  Health ID card Student ID card Driving License card

                  and a Health Card, Student ID, or Drivers license (picture ID).

                2. You need:

                  Student ID card

                  Photo ID with current address

                3. Enter your phone number and email and we will send you a calendar invite and text reminding you the ID you need and when to vote.

                4. Look at the 2015 election results, 2019 polling and the Youth Factor in any riding across Canada.

                There is more than one way to vote and lots of different IDs you can use. For more information, visit

                Make your Voice Count

                This election is about power. Young people are the largest voting bloc. If we organize and vote in the areas that are important to politicians, they will have to listen to us. Our issues, will become their priorities - and we can build the Canada we want. Build the movement. Help your friends get informed. Share these tools with your networks.